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Afternoon Notes: April 16, 2010

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**Thanks for everyone who participated in the All Questions Answered thread.

**Some good news here at SB Nation. Andy Seiler's baseball draft blog, MLB Bonus Baby, is now part of the SB Nation Network. Andy has been a frequent poster here at Minor League Ball. His work on the draft is amazingly detailed, and you can bet we'll be referring to it frequently. He gets to see lots of players that I can't, and his knowledge about draft history is very deep. Welcome aboard Andy!

**Speaking of the draft, I'm still working on the high school pitchers. Thanks for your patience.

**Upcoming topics include Not a Rookies for Mark Lowe and Franklin Gutierrez, a Prospect Retro for Rick Ankiel, a look at Chris Johnson and Tommy Manzella of Houston, and more draft stuff.