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Tuesday Non-Baseball Update

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**I'm burned out on baseball draft coverage and in a bit of an intellectual stupor right now. I'll get back on the wagon tomorrow and have a Hit-And-Run for you with some minor league updates.

**Reading two non-baseball books right now, The Castle in the Forest by Norman Mailer, and The Essence of Rumi by John Baldock. Two extremely different works, to be sure. My ability to enjoy fiction has atrophied over the years...I haven't read any Mailer for 25 years, but a friend gave Castle to me and (halfway through) so far I think it is excellent, sort of The Screwtape Letters meets The Psychopathic God, Robert Waite's controversial psychobiography of Hitler.  The Rumi book was recommended by another friend for the spiritual and poetic value and so far I'm enjoying it greatly as well.

**Music Interlude: Kinda-hot British chicks and weird guys with too much makeup.