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Origins of Top 2008 Major League Relievers

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Origins of Top Major League Relief Pitchers, 2008

This is a list of major league relievers with 10 or more Win Shares in 2008. Again, I apologize for the bad formatting.

Mariano Rivera,RHP, Yankees       17  WS           Free Agent, 1990, Panama
Joakim Soria, RHP, Royals             15  WS           Free Agent, 2001, Mexico
Brad Lidge, RHP, Phillies                13 WS           1st round, 1998, Notre Dame
Joe Nathan, RHP, Twins                  13 WS           6th round, 1995, Stony Brook
Jonathan Papelbon, RHP, Red Sox  13  WS       4th round, 2003, Mississippi State
Francisco Rodriguez, RHP, Angels  12 WS          Free Agent, 1998, Venezuela
Jose Arredondo, RHP, Angels           12 WS        Free Agent, 2002, Dominican
Brian Fuentes, LHP, Rockies            11 WS        25th round, 1995, Merced JC
Bobby Jenks,RHP, White Sox           11 WS         5th round, 2000, Washington HS
J.P. Howell, LHP, Rays                     11 WS          1st round, 2004, University of Texas
Jose Valverde,RHP, Astros               11 WS         Free Agent, 2001, Dominican
Brad Ziegler, RHP, Athletics             10 WS         20th round, 2003, SW Missouri ST
Carlos Marmol, RHP, Cubs              10 WS         Free Agent, 1999, Dominican
Chad Qualls, RHP, D-backs            10 WS      2nd round, 2000, University of Nevada
Francisco Cordero, RHP, Reds       10 WS         Free Agent,1994, Dominican
Grant Balfour, RHP, Rays                  10 WS         Free Agent, 1997, Australia
Hong-chih Kuo, LHP, Dodgers          10 WS        Free Agent, 1999, Taiwan
Joba Chamberlain, RHP, Yankees   10 WS    1st round, 2006, Uni of Nebraska
Kevin Gregg, RHP, Marlins                10 WS         15th round, 1996, Oregon HS
Kerry Wood, RHP, Cubs                     10 WS         1st round, 1995, Texas HS
Scott Downs,LHP, Blue Jays           10 WS     3rd round, 1997, University of Kentucky

21 pitchers

4 1st round Picks                          19%
1 2nd round Pick                            5%                        
3 3rd- 5th round Picks                   14%
1 6th -10th round Pick                     5%
3 11th round+  Picks                     11%
9 Free Agents                               44%

3 High School Picks                     14%
1 Junior College Pick                      5%
8 Four-Year College Picks           38%
7 Latin Free Agents                      33%
1 Taiwan Free Agent                       5%
1 Australian Free Agent                  5%

High School Origins: Oregon, Texas, and Washington state 1 each.

Very different ratios than the starters, granted the sample size is smaller. We will pull all this together tomorrow.