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Thinking about Shadow Twins Draft

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The Shadow Draft and the Shadow Twins farm system serves two purposes for me: 1) have fun;  2) provide a focus for research, particularly the draft. With that in mind, I'm starting to think about who I want to look at in the draft for my Shadow Twins farm system.

Looking at the condition of the system, I note that I've taken high school players in the first round in each of the last three drafts (Lars Anderson, 2006; Nevin Griffith, 2007; Brett Lawrie, 2008). Griffith (an overdraft in any event) blew out his elbow last year,and I could use some additional power arms in the system. I drafted Lawrie as an outfielder, but could use some depth there, too. 

The Twins pick 22nd overall, then a supplemental first round pick at 46th. Given the high schoolers I've taken lately, I'd like to consider a college pick this time at the top, preferably a hitter. I'd love it if Tim Wheeler out of Sacramento State was available, but I imagine he will be gone by 22nd. given the paucity of college hitters this year.

LSU's Jared Mitchell could be there at 22nd, and I would strongly consider him despite his relative rawness.  A.J. Pollock would be another possibility. College pitchers possibly available at 22nd of interest would be Oklahoma State's Andrew Oliver, Indiana's Eric Arnett, Drew Storen of Stanford, Sam Dyson of South Carolina, and Kyle Heckathorn and Chad Jenkins of Kennesaw State.

Some good high schoolers will still be there, too, but I haven't focused on them enough yet to have firm opinions.  

Other personal favorites include Arizona State OF Jason Kipnis (sandwich target), Alex Wilson RHP of Texas A&M, and USC RHP Robert Stock. Middle round possibilities I like would include Minnesota 2B Derek McCallum, LSU OF Blake Dean, Ball State OF Jeremy Hazelbaker, and South Carolina OF Deangelo Mack.