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Trade Analysis: Rangers/Mets Blockbuster

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Trade Analysis

I'm still trying to make sense of the big trade the Rangers and Mets made early this morning. As you know, the Rangers solved their catcher/first base logjam by trading Chris Davis, and Jarrod Saltalamacchia, along with top pitching prospect Neftali Feliz, to the Mets for Mike Pelfrey, Wilmer Flores, Dillon Gee, and a player to be named. The PTBN is reportedly a "significant prospect," and it's a bit unclear why he can't be named yet. One might speculate that it's someone who can't be traded yet, such as a player from the 2008 draft class who can't be traded until June 2009. . .Brad Holt? Reese Havens? We'll find out eventually.

What does each team get out of this?

The Rangers solve their roster logjam With Davis out of the way, the path is open for Justin Smoak to play first base in 2010 if not sooner. I'm assuming Hank Blalock moves to first base this year. Taylor Teagarden is now the definite catcher, and this could probably open additional time for Max Ramirez. Trading an outstanding prospect like Feliz is a blow to system depth, but in exchange they get a guy who is ready to help the rotation now, Mike Pelfrey. Flores is a tremendous prospect, perhaps with Miguel Cabrera-like potential. It will be interesting to see if the Rangers push him as fast as the Mets would have. Dillon Gee is the sleeper here. He's local, a 21st round pick by the Mets from the University of Texas-Arlington in 2007. He has a really strong performance record despite average velocity. Watch him closely.

What do the Mets get out of this? With no DH, and with Delgado and Nick Evans at first base, the current word is that Chris Davis will play right field. He has the arm for the position, but does he have the range? Good question. Saltalamacchia will take over as the everyday catcher. The loss of Pelfrey clearly reduces rotation depth, and I really wonder how they are going to patch the rotation together with Pelfrey gone. Trading Flores and the PTBN is a blow to the farm system, but the Mets have never been shy about trading prospects. Overall this trade should help their hitting attack, but worsen the defense and pitching.

Who do you think wins the trade?