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2008 Mock Draft Fourth Round

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This might be the last round, we are all tired and people are starting to make mistakes and pick guys who are already off the list. We will re-assess and see how things stand at the end of this round.

113) Rays: Antonio Jimenez, C, Puerto Rico HS
114) Pirates: Austin DiCharry, RHP, Texas HS
115) Royals: Jason Christian, SS, Michigan
116) Orioles: Steven Hensley, RHP, Elon
117) Giants: Taylor Jungmann, RHP, Texas HS
118) Marlins: Blake Tekotte, OF, Miami
119) Reds: Brett Mooneyham, LHP, California HS
120) White Sox: Tim Fedroff, OF, UNC
121) Nationals: Charlie Blackmon, OF, Georgia Tech
122) Astros: Petey Paramore, C, Arizona State
123) Rangers: Scott Barnes, LHP, St. John's
124) Athletics: Cutter Dykstra, SS, California HS
125) Cardinals: Matt Marquis, OF, New Jersey HS
126) Twins: Ryan Lavarnway, OF-C, Yale
127) Dodgers: Javier Rodriguez, OF, Puerto Rico HS
128) Brewers; Joe Loftus, 3B, Minnesota HS
129) Blue Jays: Bobby Bundy, RHP, Oklahoma HS
130) Braves: Rolando Gomez, INF, Florida HS
131) Cubs: Kyle Hudson, OF, Illinois
132) Mariners: David Duncan, LHP, Georgia Tech
133) Tigers: Zach Wilson, 3B, California HS
134) Mets: Aaron Pribanic, RHP, Nebraska
135) Padres: Jeremy Hamilton, 1B, Wright State
136) Phillies: B.H. Hermsen, RHP, Iowa HS
137) Rockies: Kyle Weiland, RHP, Notre Dame
138) Diamondbacks: Bobby Lanigan, RHP, Adelphi
139) Angels: Colby Shreve, RHP, CC of Southern Nevada
140) Yankees: Keith Landers, LHP, Massachusetts HS
141) Indians: T.J. Steele, OF, Arizona
142) Red Sox: J.P. Ramirez, OF, Texas HS