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Pre-Mock Draft Discussion

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Here is a discussion thread for the Mock Draft. The Draft begins in about an hour, at noon central promptly. The process is easy.

For each round I will post a new thread.  . .a thread for the first round, a new thread for the supplemental first round, a new thread for the second round, etc.

The draft takes place in the comments section. I will comment something like "Rays are on the clock", and then the Rays Mock Scouting Director should post "Rays take Tim Beckham, SS, Georgia HS", then I will post "Pick confirmed, Pirates are on the clock." I will update the list as we go along, and I also keep track of every pick in a spreadsheet. We will try to keep it moving quickly, you get about a minute per pick, not a firm rule but try to avoid sitting there for five minutes. We will take five minute breaks between each round. 

If someone doesn't show up, I will make a pick if things get bogged down too much before we get a volunteer to take over the team.