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Thinking about Jason Heyward

Georgia high school outfielder Jason Heyward is, for me at least, one of the most intriguing players in the draft. A lefthanded hitter with plus power potential, he's got solid tools all around...his worst tools are speed and arm strength, where he ranks as average. He has tons of power, and he has unusually good strike zone judgment for a high school hitter. He looks great to me on video, and I haven't heard anything negative about his makeup or work ethic. And he's one of the younger players available, not turning 18 until early August.

He's definitely a top ten prospect, but here's the thing about Heyward that really intrigues me. When I look over his scouting reports, and watch the video, and talk with people, I like him better all the time. In fact, I like him better than I like Vitters or Moustakas at this point. I think he's the best high school position player in the draft.

That is a minority opinion; take it for what you will. But answer this question for me: what do Vitters and Moustakas have that Heyward does not have?