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Carlos Gomez, OF, New York Mets
Bats: R Throws: R HT: 6-2 WT: 170 DOB: December 4, 1985
(stats will be in the book)

I don't like the way the Mets have handled their prospects lately. Carlos Gomez was badly, BADLY rushed, and they have pushed Fernando Martinez and Deolis Guerra much too quickly in my opinion. Carlos Gomez had no business in the majors last year. He's a remarkable athlete with plus speed, a great glove, and offensive potential. But his bat is unrefined. His plate discipline is poor, his power is undeveloped, and he needs regular playing time get his swing in gear and work these issues out. Regular playing time in Double-A and Triple-A, not in the majors. Sticking him in the regular lineup in '08, like the Mets are talking about, is a huge risk for his long-term development, and an unnecessary one. The Mets are hardly strapped for resources, and putting this guy in the lineup seems pointless to me. Surely then can find a decent stopgap veteran, or even someone trapped in Triple-A with another team. Normally I'm all in favor of playing the kids, but I want to play kids who are ready. Gomez isn't ready. Maybe I'm wrong, and if he has a great year I'll gladly admit it. But right now he's a .240 hitter, with no power and a weak on-base percentage. The only things he does well right now are field and steal bases, and you can find guys who do that. Why risk Gomez's career? And why bust his service time? It makes no sense to me at all. Grade B because of his long-term potential.

I'm posting this because I think a lot of people will disagree with it. Am I too hard on the Mets here?

UPDATE: You guys are right about the injury factor forcing Gomez into the Show, and I will revise the comment to reflect this. However, I still have doubts about his bat. He's looked like a very weak hitter when I've seen him. Perhaps I am too contrarian when it comes to Mets and Yankees prospects. Call it pro-Midwest bias if you will. We all have out biases, the key is to be aware of them. I will think more about Gomez and will consider if I'm just being stubborn about this.