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You're the GM! Dodgers Edition

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You're the GM! Dodgers Edition

A disappointing season in Los Angeles, and you have some decisions to make for '06. Your offense needs some help. Jeff Kent had a good year, but he's old. Guys like Jason Repko got entirely too many at-bats. What are you going to do to improve the hitting attack? Has Choi topped out? What are you going to do with the outfield? Anything on the free agent market that fits into your needs?

On the pitching side, you got decent work out of Jeff Weaver, Brad Penny, and Derek Lowe, but none of them are totally reliable rotation anchors. Brazoban picked up 21 saves, but his ERA was ugly. Who is your closer?

The good news is that the farm system is loaded with talent, but how much of it will be ready for '06? Can you count on Edwin Jackson? Jon Broxton? Are you willing to trade some of your youngsters for more experienced veteran help?