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Dodgers Top 20 in Review

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Joel Guzman (Tim Evearitt photo, from

Los Angeles Dodgers Top 20 Prospect Retrospective

1) Joel Guzman, SS.
Hitting .273/.349/.488. Has been somewhat erratic, but holding his own. Good walk rate with 32 BB in 260 AB, but strikeout rate is quite high, with 83 whiffs per 70 games. I'm still high on him but he will need more time.
2) Chad Billingsley, RHP.
5-4, 4.73 ERA, with 83/26 K/BB in 72 innings, 69 hits allowed. K/BB, K/IP, and H/IP all support a lower ERA than 4.73, so like Guzman I am still high on him despite superficially mediocre results.
3) Jonathan Broxton, RHP.
4-3, 3.23 with 79/26 K/BB in 78 innings, 64 hits allowed. Pitching quite well. His component ratios are similar to Billingsley despite an ERA more than a run lower. No change in status, a fine prospect.
4) Edwin Jackson, RHP.
Completely fell apart at Triple-A Las Vegas: 3-7, 8.62 in 11 starts with horrible 33/37 K/BB ratio. Demoted to Jacksonville and has done OK so far. I'm very, very worried about him. If it was just control problems that would be one thing, but the sharp decline in his K/IP is of serious concern.
5) James Loney, 1B.
.267/.359/.391 in 74 games in Double-A. Where is the power? Still controlling the strike zone well, and he is still just 21, but at some point he has to hit better than this. Would be a good topic for a Prospect Alternate History. Remind me to do that.
6) Chuck Tiffany, LHP.
5-4, 3.42 with 70/22 K/BB in 55 innings for Vero Beach. No change in status.
7) Yhency Brazoban, RHP
4.35 ERA in 33 games out of the Major League pen, has saved 13 in 16 attempts.
8) Delwyn Young, 2B.
.293/.344/.457 in 71 games for Double-A Jacksonville. No change in status, has adjusted well to Double-A pitching.
9) Dioner Navarro, C.
.283/.385/.429 in 56 games at Triple-A Las Vegas. Best mark is 30/18/184 BB/K/AB ratio, showing excellent plate discipline. Power is disappointing however.
10) Russ Martin, C.
.313/.441/.422 in 72 games for Jacksonville. Less power than ideal (5 homers), but excellent strike zone judgment and a low strikeout rate point to a good future. Stock improving.
11) Blake DeWitt, 3B.
.265/.309/.416 in 72 games for Columbus in the Sally League. Not as polished as anticipated, is holding his own considering he is one year out of high school, but will need to improve. Walk rate is too low, although strikeouts are not out of bounds.
12) Cory Dunlap, 1B.
.271/.369/.369 for Vero Beach. Making contact, controlling the strike zone, but no power. Similar problems to James Loney.
13) Willy Aybar, 2B.
.295/.355/.430 at Triple-A Las Vegas. Numbers look good on surface but aren't that impressive for Vegas context. Just 3 homers. Best attribute is strong 24/35/237 BB/K/AB mark.
14) Andy LaRoche, 3B.
.333/.380/.651 with 21 homers in 63 games at Vero Beach. Promoted to Double-A, where he is .278/.366/.722 after 9 games. Outstanding power production this year. Plate discipline remains a potential weakness, but it has not hurt him much. Moving up the charts quickly.
15) Chin-Lung Hu, SS.
.275/.321/.394 in 66 games for Vero Beach, has stolen 8 bases. Doing OK, not awful, not great, will need to improve on-base abilities for success at higher levels.
16) Scott Elbert, LHP.
3-4, 3.42 in 12 starts for Columbus, with 58/29 K/BB in 55 innings, 39 hits. K/IP and H/IP are very strong, but K/BB is weaker due to high walk rate. A decent start for Missouri high school kid, but will need better command.
17) Justin Orenduff, RHP.
5-3, 2.24 in 12 starts for Vero Beach, with 81/26 K/BB in 60 innings, just 35 hits allowed. Excellent K/IP and H/IP shows great stuff. Command an issue, he walked 3 in 3 innings in his first Double-A outing, allowing 7 runs.
18) Julio Pimentel, RHP.
5-3, 4.02 in 12 starts for Vero Beach, 61/29 K/BB in 65 innings, 66 hits. Numbers mediocre, not a spectacular season.
19) Matt Kemp, OF.
.247/.286/.516 at Vero Beach. Excellent power, but plate discipline a serious question: 11 walks, 58 strikeouts in 190 at-bats. Will struggle if promoted to Double-A.
20) D.J. Houlton, RHP.
5.72 ERA in 17 games in the Majors for Rule 5 pick. Has had a bit of success here and there, but overall has been too hittable, allowing 51 hits in 39 innings. Scouts say he is a Quadruple-A pitcher. Like many such, he could do good work if given enough adjustment time, but that's a big if considering the early results.

In the comments, mention any other players in the Dodgers system you want me to comment about and I'll answer.