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You’re the GM! St. Louis Cardinals edition

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Finishing up with the You’re the GM series. . .

MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at Colorado Rockies Russell Lansford-USA TODAY Sports

Finishing up this week’s You’re the GM! team discussions, we turn to the St. Louis Cardinals.

****You woke up today and discovered you are now running the St. Louis Cardinals. You are 84-69, 5.5 games behind the division-leading Chicago Cubs, in third place.

Questions to consider:

****Since firing Mike Matheny, the team is 37-23 under new manager Mike Shildt. Initially named as “interim manager,” the temporary post became a permanent one when the Cardinals gave him a three-year contract at the end of August.

Do you agree that Shildt deserves credit for the turnaround since Matheny was cut loose?

****What steps are needed to keep this team competitive against the Cubs and Brewers over the next few years? In other words, what are your roster holes right now and what would you do to fix them?