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You’re the GM! Pittsburgh Pirates edition

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How would you lead this club?

Pittsburgh Pirates v Detroit Tigers Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

Today we will finish up the series of You’re the GM! Minor League Ball Community discussions with the final teams of the National League Central division. Here we go with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

****You woke up this morning to find yourself in command of the Pirates, a bit over .500 at 77-74, good for fourth place in the highly-competitive NL Central.

****You have the Chris Archer contract window to work with: he’s yours next year with two team option seasons beyond that. What’s your plan here? Can you go all-out to win while you have him, and if so, what holes do you need to fill?

****Clint Hurdle’s contract runs through 2021. As a manager, what changes does he need to make in his approach, if any, to complete the transition from rebuilder to contender?

****Is there enough impact talent in your farm system? Was too much traded away?