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You’re the GM! Cincinnati Reds edition

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How is the rebuild going?

Chicago Cubs v Cincinnati Reds - Game One Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

Today we will finish up our Minor League Ball Community discussion series You’re the GM! by rounding up the National League Central division clubs, beginning with the Cincinnati Reds.

****You woke up this morning to find yourself in charge of the Reds. You’re 65-88, last place in the NL Central. What is a realistic timetable for getting back to .500? Beyond .500?

****Should Jim Riggleman have the “interim” dropped from his job title and be brought back as the manager next year? If not, who should replace him?

****On paper it looks like you have a promising young lineup held back by an erratic pitching staff. Is that a fair assessment, and if so, how do you turn that pitching staff around?

****Would you make any major changes in draft/development philosophy, or are you already on the right track?