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You’re the GM! Los Angeles Angels edition

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You’ve got some work to do here. . .

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at San Diego Padres Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Finishing up our stroll through the American League Western Division today, let’s try out the Los Angeles Angels on for size with You’re the GM!

****You woke up today in charge of the 74-76 Los Angeles Angels, in fourth place 20 games behind the Houston Astros.

****A team with Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani starts with some big plusses, provided you can provide them with enough complementary players. How confident are you in the supporting cast? Can holes be patched without a total rebuild?

****With Mike Scioscia reportedly in his last year as manager, who do you think is a good candidate to fill his shoes?

****The farm system is showing improvement over the last three years. What else can you do to improve the talent flow?