Cookie's 2018 third round mock draft

I wanted to post this before the third round started.

79. Tigers: Tristan Pompey, OF, Kentucky

The Tigers go college mostly in round one, regardless of position. The highest ranked college player on my board in Pompey, and he's a great value in the third round.

80. Giants: Ryder Green, OF, Karns HS

The Giants lean slightly towards college bat, but also slightly high school in the third round. They've saved some money, so let's give them one of the falling prep players: Vandy commit Ryder Green.

81. White Sox: Kyle Isbel, OF, UNLV

They like college bats in the third, and the best one available is UNLV OF Kyle Isbel.

82. Reds: Blaine Knight, RHP, Arkansas

They like college arms in the third, and there's plenty of choices. But let's say they go with Blaine Knight.

83. Mets: Garrett Wade, LHP, Hartselle HS

They lean prep in the third, regardless of position. They do like lefties too, so let's give them Auburn commit Garrett Wade.

84. Padres: Jake Wong, RHP, Grand Canyon

They lean college arms in the third. Let's say they take Jake Wong.

85. A's: Jonathan Ornelas, SS, Kellis HS

The A's love prep bats in the third. Let's assume they figured out who they can afford, and it's Tennessee commit Jonathan Ornelas.

86. Pirates: Zach Watson, OF, Louisiana State

The Pirates are big on college bats in the third round. They go with draft-eligible sophomore Zach Watson.

87. Orioles: Konnor Pilkington, LHP, Mississippi State

Baltimore loves college arms in the third. The top arm on my board is Konnor Pilkington.

88. Blue Jays: Taj Bradley, RHP, Redan HS

The Jays lean heavily towards prep arms in the third. Let's give them one of my favorites, South Carolina commit Taj Bradley.

89. Marlins: Nander De Sedas, SS, Montverde Academy

The Marlins lean prep bats in the third. They aren't afraid of tough signs, so let's give them De Sedas.

90. Mariners: Alex McKenna, OF, Cal Poly

The Mariners like college bats in the third. Alex McKenna is a good target here.

91. Rangers: Raynel Delgado, SS, Mater Academy

The Rangers like prep bats, and FIU commit Delgado is a good, and signable, target here.

92. Rays: Dominic Pipkin, RHP, Pinole Valley HS

93. Angels: Tristan Beck, RHP, Stanford

94. Royals: Kyle Bradish, RHP, New Mexico State

95. Cardinals: Colton Eastman, RHP, Cal State Fullerton

96. Rockies: Steven Gingery, LHP, Texas Tech

97. Yankees: Chandler Champlain, RHP, Santa Margarita Catholic

98. Cubs: Slade Cecconi, RHP, Trinity Preparatory

99. D-backs: Durbin Feltman, RHP, TCU

100. Red Sox: Richie Palacios, SS, Towson

101. Nationals: Max Marusak, OF, Amarillo

102. Astros: Sean Wymer, RHP, TCU

103. Indians: Kevin Vargas, SS, International Baseball Academy

104. Dodgers: Aaron Hernandez, RHP, Texas A&M Corpus Christi