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2018 MLB Draft: Lineras Torres Jr., RHP, Beacon, New York

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Where will electric arm from New York land on draft day?

High school pitchers from warm-weather states earn lots of attention in the runup to the draft each year. Florida, Georgia, Texas, California, Arizona. . .prep pitchers from areas with friendly climates naturally get more attention from eager scouting eyes. The situation is a bit different for pitchers from northern states although elite arms can still make a name for themselves. Case in point: right-hander Lineras “Lenny” Torres from Beacon, New York.

Torres broke out on the showcase circuit last summer. Listed at 6-2, 185, Torres spent his early youth as an infielder but has taken well to pitching, thanks to obvious athleticism and wiry strength. His fastball velocity can be inconsistent, low-90s at times but hitting 96-98 on peak days. Mechanical refinements combined with physical maturity have helped and he’s reportedly holding his peak velocities more readily this spring.

For secondaries Torres uses a slider in games, which looks like it could be a plus pitch with more repetitions. He’s tinkered with a cutter and a change-up but will need to settle on a third pitch as a starter. He’s aggressive and confident on the mound, key factors for future success of course. He has a St. John’s commitment but should be signable if drafted where his talent warrants.

As for where that is exactly, Torres is not as refined as the top prep arms but he doesn’t turn 18 until October. He rates in the 40s and 50s on outside draft lists but it would not be a surprise if real teams have him higher than that. Assuming reasonable bonus demands, he should go in the supplemental/compensation round and has an outside shot at the back of the first round.

Here’s a bunch of Lenny Torres video, including a 19-minute segment