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Minor League Ball Morning Report: Tuesday, June 26th, 2018

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Another day to make some hay

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Kansas City Royals
Brad Keller
Amy Kontras-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning everyone and welcome to the Minor League Ball Morning Report for June 26th, 2018. Here are some tidbits from yesterday.

****Highlights and discussion can be found in Monday’s Gameday thread.

****Another fine game from Tampa Bay Rays rookie Jake Bauers, 4-for-5 with two runs scored against the Washington Nationals. He’s up to .297/.416/.563 in his first 64 major league at-bats. Oddly enough this run is better than anything he’s done in the minors over a full season, though of course the sample size is tiny. It doesn’t mean anything yet, but worth keeping an eye on.

****New York Yankees rookie Jonathan Loaisiga gave up just one hit over 5.1 innings against the Philadelphia Phillies, with two walks while striking out eight. Through three starts and 14 innings he has a 1.93 ERA with an 18/8 K/BB. I have no special insight here other than the Yankees really know what they are doing developing young pitching these days.

****Kansas City Royals rookie Brad Keller threw seven shutout innings against the Los Angeles Angels, giving up two hits and two walks while fanning six. The Rule 5 pick has been quietly very effective this year, with a 2.25 ERA in 48 innings, 30/18 K/BB, 40 hits. He’s one of the few bright spots in an otherwise dismal year for the Royals.

****The Royals front office, meanwhile, is reportedly considering signing Oregon State left-hander Luke Heimlich. That will do wonders for public relations.

Feel free to discuss that situation if you like, but be respectful towards the victims of sexual abuse.