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Minor League Ball Community Discussion: pick a minor league pitcher

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It’s Game Seven. . .and you have to pick a prospect

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Houston Astros Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

I ask this question about once a year and it usually generates a good discussion. So let’s do it again.

Let’s say it is Game Seven of the 2018 World Series. You are the manager of the Houston Astros. You are playing the Atlanta Braves. The game is being played in Houston.

However, there’s a catch. For purposes of this exercise, you have to pick a current minor league pitcher to start the game for you. Some caveats:

***It cannot be a pitcher from the Astros or Braves farm systems;

***It cannot be any pitcher with Double-A or higher experience as of June 21, 2018;

***No 2018 draftees. No ace pitchers from Japan or other such loophole.

***You can’t pick a guy and just have him pitch one inning; i.e., you can’t use the current Rays bullpen-starter strategy. Your bullpen is gassed from the past six games and you really need to get five or six innings out of this guy.

***This is for one game only. You don’t get to keep him for 2019.

Who do you pick and why? Discuss!