Yankees 2018 Community Mock Draft War Room

Well, hell. I'm not sure which way I am going. I have four targets for the first round. But they could all be gone, or someone could fall into my lap. Who I take in the first round will shape the rest of my draft. There are some later round players that I am hoping will fall to me, but I may have to grab them early to make sure I get them. I'm leaning towards prep at the top and college in rounds three and four. There seems to be more high school talent where I am picking in the first two rounds than college talent.

There is one college arm that I will grab if he falls to me. If not, I am torn between a prep arm or a college bat. The college bat I want won't make it to me in round two, but he is a bit of an overdraft. The arm is pretty well lined up at pick 23, but someone could sneak in and grab him. If I do take a prep arm in the first, I can't take some prep arm sleepers I like in the later rounds. There are some good college bats I could grab later in the draft as well.

I love the community mock draft!

I will be posting updates in the comments below. Usually it's just me talking to myself, so feel free to join in!

1.23 Ethan Hankins, RHP, Forsyth Central HS, GA

2.61 Osiris Johnson, SS, Encinal HS, CA

3.97 Josh Stowers, OF, Louisville

4.127 Jake Wong, RHP, Grand Canyon