Nationals 2018 MOD # 2 (War Room)

For one reason or another, I haven't had proper oppurtunity to produce more MODs but i've still been doing research when possible and trying to follow this year's draft shenanigans.

Some morning of the draft confessional: I have been the high guy on Mike Siani and he is in play for my first round pick, however there are some signability rumblings and power projectability concerns which are making me hesitate. Any thoughts?

Other guys that won't get to me but i'm high on are Gilbert and Kelenic. My top five are Madrigal, Libertore, Mize, Kelenic, Bohm.

I liked Joe Gray more than most but everyone seems to be off him. Has he fallen like de Sedas, will he go to college?

I'm usually quite wary of high school pitching but there's so many of those shiny new toys this year. I quite like Pipkin but the California preps have underwhelmed recently.

I still like Conine, is 27 too high for him?