MOD New York Mets #3 WAR ROOM

I would like to thank everybody who participated in the prior MOD threads. It gave me plenty of insight into draft philosophy and many additional names. As I have stated previously, I encourage discussion before each pick and then I will make a decision on who to go with (I hate straight lists because there usually isn’t much difference between players so I prefer flexibility). There is usually a break between each round so for Rounds 2, 3, and 4 I may see about doing a short list during that period based on what I have heard from the previous MOD threads. One thing I do ask is that posters be respectful and open minded. The Mets system is really bad right now so I want to focus on getting as much signable talent as possible regardless of position (although 1B/DH types would have to be far and away BPA for me to consider). If the Mets draft tendencies show anything, they are not a team that will spend four consecutive early picks on hitters or pitchers. In addition, their track record in early rounds has been fairly conservative when it comes to spending money. Even though they went for Vientos in Round 2 last year, their third and fourth round picks both signed for about 5-10% below slot. In 2016 they went over for a DES (Tiberi), but Anthony Kay was about $700k below slot and Pete Alonso was also a below slot signing. In both cases the first pick signed for slot.