MOD Red Sox : The War Room

BOSTON - Draft Day is here, time to put all my hours of late night research to work.

*In Progress, will be updated as the draft progresses.*

1 (26) : RHP Jackson Kowar (Florida)

Little bit of a swerve here, but I see him as a better option to Rolison and Gilbert who were already off the board. Most of my prep arm targets were taken, but with him available at #26 I liked the pick over Grayson Rodriguez in the same way I probably would have taken Rolison or Gilbert. Hoping he's a slightly less rich man's version of Singer.

Slot Value : $2,552,800 - No bonus issues here as a Junior, my goal would be to try and get him below slot and open up some room for a prep arm or bat at #64.

2 (64) : 1B Grant Lavigne (Bedford HS, NJ)

I don't like this pick, but with Ornelas off the board and my college INF targets around this zone being all glove first or utility man upside I decided to take some risk on a high-risk high-reward (ish) bat. Totally fine with him being 1B only, in fact I wouldn't even try him in the OF. Hoping he develops and makes this pick look less like a reach.

Slot Value : $1,010,500 - He didn't profile as a first round pick, so I'd like to use the under-slot savings on Kowar to keep Lavigne from going to Wake Forest

3 (100) : OF Kyle Isbel (UNLV)

Did not expect him to be available in the 3rd, I had him as a potential 2nd round selection. I like that he's an OF who has played INF, mainly 2B, so I have the option of moving him to 2B in a class very thin on MI. I feel like this pick is a steal with a good amount of upside.

Slot Value : $559,600 - No signing issue, college Junior projected to be drafted around the 3rd. If anything I'd like to get him under-slot to make sure I can sign Lavigne.

4 (130) : RHP Ryan Feltner (Ohio State)

With Kowar and Isbel falling to me where I thought I was going to need to take a setup / closer type reliever (Durbin Feltman was my top choice) it made this pick really easy. I had a slew of RP guys on my list, and ultimately I ended up selecting someone with the best fastball and a history of working out of the bullpen. Glad I landed a potentially fast moving reliever in the 4th instead of the 2nd or 3rd. Not a sexy pick, but it fills a potential need.

Slot Value : $417,800 - Sign at or under slot, possibly divert funds to Lavigne.