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Minor League Ball Community Discussion: Expansion

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What cities should MLB expand to?

World Baseball Classic- Mexico City Day 5 Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

More changes will be coming to Major League Baseball over the next few years. Grant Brisbee at SB Nation discussed some of the pros and cons a few days ago. One point that seems inevitable: expansion to 32 teams.

I’m all in favor of expansion for purely selfish reasons: an expansion draft would boost web traffic nicely as people scramble for information about the players plucked out of other organizations. Mercenary concerns aside, an expansion draft is also simply a lot of fun for prospect hounds.

So, assuming that expansion is a done deal, where should the new teams be located?

Right now the most mentioned candidates are Las Vegas, Mexico City, Montreal, and Portland. What other cities come to mind? Charlotte? Memphis? Sacramento? I’d think Havana will happen eventually but it is still too soon for that.

If you were making the decision, what two cities would you pick?