Braves MOD #3 (Draft Strategy)

The Mock Draft begins in less than 48 hours.

With the Braves having limited funds for the draft and only three picks in this exercise, what suggestion would you give me for a draft strategy?

Obviously I want to go BPA for all three picks but I'm trying to think about the bonus money as well. Personally because of the lack/loss of international signings from 2016-2020, I feel like quantity is the route to go with this draft and next year's draft. I also prefer to go younger. Prep players who are still 17/recently turned 18 years old. I would also go after the prospects who are committed to schools where signability isn't in question (Staying away from Vandy, TCU, Stanford, UF, etc). I've been reading up on prospect reports and who might be signable for slot value or lower. Still tough to gauge and looking at previous community mock drafts, quite a few picks went on to play college ball.

With that said, my other thought on strategy is to go with what the experts have said about the Braves at 8 and recent trends under Brian Bridges. That would mean 3B Nolan Gorman at 8 and a prep player at 49 with a pitcher(prep or college) at 112. This is a mock draft based on who we feel our team will select and not a dynasty draft based on who we the individual will select.

With that said, what are some of your thoughts on what strategy I should take? Also any other draft prospects I should have on the radar for the 4th round pick?