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Minor League Ball update

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Where we are headed

Hank Aaron
Getty Images

Just a quick update on what’s going to be happening here at Minor League Ball.

First, the reason there is a photo of Hank Aaron at the top of this article is because I am tired of using generic baseball photos to illustrate “update” type posts such as this one, so I thought a cool photo of Hank Aaron would be more interesting.

Second, the 2018 MLB Draft is rapidly approaching, less than two weeks away now. The next week will be mainly devoted to writing up as many 2018 MLB Draft Profiles as possible, with Brice Turang up next, to be followed by Cole Winn and Ethan Hankins as I try to fill out the high school list.

On Saturday, June 2nd, we have the Minor League Ball Community Mock Draft.

And of course we will be live-blogging all three days of the draft beginning on June 4th!