2018 Royals MOD #1

Welcome to another year in the community mock. I'm excited to make my return after missing last year. As mentioned previously, I've always had something going on the day of community draft:

2015: I was in Chicago, doing the draft from a Dunkin Donuts

2016: I was in Japan, unable to draft at all

2017: I was sitting for Level I of the CFA, unable to do the draft at all

This year seems no different, as I have something happening that same day...I'm flying to Los Angeles on my way to Japan. But worry not, I'll be around for the first few picks since my flight doesn't leave until 3pm (assuming the draft starts at noon), so I'll have an hour and a half or so. That should get us through the first round, and then someone will have to take over for me.

This will be a fun year to draft (not that the others weren't - except for 2016) as the Royals finally have a bunch of picks:







Essentially six in the top 90.

I've always been just a straight fan of taking the best player, not trying to play slot games, and considering anyone taken in round one and two to sign (which historically has been pretty true).

For now, let's discuss guys we like, then next MOD we can narrow it down some more.