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Seattle Mariners organization discussion

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Discussing the future in the Pacific northwest

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at Seattle Mariners
Mitch Haniger
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

I am now working on the Cincinnati Reds Top 20 prospects list for 2019. The next team in line is the Seattle Mariners, to be followed by the New York Mets, the Baltimore Orioles, the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Cleveland Indians,the Chicago Cubs, and the Houston Astros.

Use this thread to discuss the Seattle Mariners organization. Possible points for discussion include, but are certainly not limited to:

****The Mariners finished 89-73, third place in the American League Western Division. What do you expect in 2019?

****There has been talk of a complete tear-down and rebuild, tanking the next few years and building up the farm system. Do you agree with that idea, and if so, how would you approach it?

****If you don’t like the tanking concept, what would you do to keep the current roster competitive?

****Mitch Haniger was 27 years old for the 2018 season. Will this be his peak year, or is there another gear in there somewhere?

****Is there anything to be excited about in the farm system? Do you agree that this is the worst farm system in the game right now?

****As always, discuss your sleeper prospects or anything else Mariners-oriented.