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2017 MLB Draft: Top 50 Outfielders

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A mix of college and prep talent with big boom or bust potential

MLB Licensed Product Shoot Photo by Steven Freeman/Getty Images

Hey everyone, the calendar is squeezing me here. I have four more of these to post, plus an updated draft prospect ranking, plus a post on senior statistical sleepers, plus a draft AQA this weekend! And I just got invited on a radio show in Kentucky tomorrow morning. So, I apologize for the lack of write-ups from here on out. Feel free to ask questions, I will answer them as I can.

1. Jordon Adell, Ballard HS, KY - committed to Louisville

2. Austin Beck, North Davidson HS, NC - committed to North Carolina

3. Adam Haseley, JR, Virginia

4. Jeren Kendall, JR, Vanderbilt

5. Bubba Thompson, Mcgill-Thoolen Catholic HS, AL - committed to Alabama

6. Brent Rooker, JR, Mississippi State

7. Drew Waters, Etowah HS, GA - committed to Georgia

8. Heliot Ramos, Leadership Christian HS, PR - committed to Florida International

9. Quentin Holmes, Monsignor McClancy Memorial HS, NY - committed to Mississippi State

10. Stuart Fairchild, JR, Wake Forest Brian Miller, JR, North Carolina

11. Brian Miller, JR, North Carolina

12. Conner Uselton, Southmoore HS, OK - committed to Oklahoma State

13. Tristen Lutz, Martin HS, TX - committed to Texas

14. Garrett Mitchell, Orange Lutheran HS, CA - committed to UCLA

15. Cole Brannen, The Westfield Schools, GA - committed to Georgia Southern

16. Calvin Mitchell, Rancho Bernardo HS, CA - committed to San Diego

17. Jacob Pearson, West Monroe HS, LA - committed to Louisiana State

18. Greg Deichmann, JR, Louisiana State

19. Luis Gonzalez, JR, New Mexico

20. Michael Gigliotti, JR, Lipscomb

21. Daniel Cabrera, John Curtis Christian HS, LA - committed to LSU

22. Mason House, Whitehouse HS, TX - committed to LSU-Eunice JC

23. Cole Turney, Richmond HS, TX - committed to Arkansas

24. Jake Mangum, JR, Mississippi State

25. Jordan Anderson, James Clemens HS, AL - committed to Mississippi State

26. Quinn Brodey, JR, Stanford

27. Kyle Jacobsen, Allatoona HS, GA - committed to South Carolina

28. Donovan Casey, JR, Boston College

29. Jared Oliva, JR, Arizona

30. Austen Wade, JR, TCU

31. Bryce Johnson, JR, Sam Houston State

32. Reynaldo Rivera, FR, Chipola JC

33. Je'Von Carrier-Ward, Gahr HS, CA - committed to Southern California

34. Kier Meredith, Glenn HS, NC - committed to Clemson

35. Jonathan Rodriguez, Carlos Beltran BB Academy, PR - committed to Florida International

36. Kamron Fields, Lakeview Centennial HS, TX - committed to Texas

37. Christian Robinson, Viera HS, FL - committed to Stanford

38. Zach DeLoach, Hebron HS, TX - committed to Texas A&M

39. Barron Radcliff, Norcross HS, GA - committed to Georgia Tech

40. Pat DeMarco, Winder-Barrow HS, GA - committed to Vanderbilt

41. Brandon Hughes, JR, Michigan State

42. Jesse Franklin, Seattle Prep, WA - committed to Michigan

43. Nelson Velazquez, PJ Education, PR - committed to ?

44. Marty Costes, SO, Maryland

45. Scott Hurst, JR, Cal State Fullerton

46. Jonny DeLuca, Aguora HS, CA - committed to Oregon

47. Zach Hogueisson, Christian HS, CA - committed to Arizona State

48. Reese Albert, Jupiter HS, FL - committed to Florida State

49. Josh McClain, JR, North Carolina State

50. Mason Martin, Southridge HS, WA - committed to Gonzaga