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2017 MLB Draft: Day Two Live picks and analysis

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Follow along with all the picks.

Division Series - Cleveland Indians v Boston Red Sox - Game Three Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

We’ll update each pick in rounds three through ten of the 2017 MLB Draft with occasional comments and lots of discussion in the comments section.


76) Minnesota Twins Blayne Enlow, RHP, Sorrento, LA Full report

77) Cincinnati Reds Jacob Heatherly, LHP, Cullman, Alabama Full report

78) San Diego Padres Mason House, OF, Whitehouse, Texas Pop-up bat this spring

79) Tampa Bay Rays Taylor Walls, SS, Florida State University solid glove, bat was disappointing this spring but could rebound

80) Atlanta Braves Freddy Tarnock, RHP, Brandon, Florida Highly projectable, already hits 95 MPH

81) Oakland Athletics Nick Allen, SS, San Diego, CA Full Report

82) Arizona Diamondbacks Matt Tabor, RHP, Milton, Massachusetts Intriguing cold-weather arm

83) Philadelphia Phillies Connor Seabold, RHP, Cal State Fullerton Extremely polished, started throwing harder this spring

84) Milwaukee Brewers K.J. Harrison, C, Oregon State University One of the better college bats with questions about defense

85) Los Angeles Angels Jacob Pearson, OF, West Monroe, LA Projects to hit for average, has good speed, power potential, high upside for this slot

86) Colorado Rockies Will Gaddis, RHP, Furman University Good performance record, four pitches, ground ball type.

87) Chicago White Sox Luis Gonzalez, OF, University of New Mexico Good glove, runs well, on-base skills with gap power.

88) Pittsburgh Pirates Dylan Busby, 3B, Florida State University Impressive college performer with strong power from the right side, good record with wooden bats, chance to stay at third

89) Miami Marlins Riley Mahan, 2B, University of Kentucky Line drive hitter but likely limited to second base

90) Kansas City Royals Daniel Tillo, LHP, Iowa Western Community College strong athlete, with low/mid-90s fastball, high upside

91) Houston Astros Tyler Ivey, RHP, Grayson CC Live arm, mechanics need some work but high upside

92) New York Yankees Trevor Stephan, RHP, University of Arkansas Another strong college performer with impressive command

93) Seattle Mariners Wyatt Mills, RHP, Gonzaga University Strike-throwing closer, money-saving senior.

94) St. Louis Cardinals Scott Hurst, OF, Cal State Fullerton

95) Detroit Tigers Joey Morgan, C, University of Washington Major league glove, bat uncertain at higher levels

96) San Francisco Giants Seth Corry, LHP, Cedar Hills, Utah Live arm, but rather raw, considerable upside but will need time.

97) New York Mets Quinn Brodey, OF, Stanford Left-handed hitter with some power, some tweener risk but I think there is more upside here than commonly believed.

98) Baltimore Orioles Michael Baumann, RHP, Jacksonville University Can be inconsistent but both fastball and slider could be plus.

99) Toronto Blue Jays Riley Adams, C, University of San Diego Big power in the bat, but defensive questions. Full report.

100) Los Angeles Dodgers Connor Wong, C, University of Houston Solid glove, athletic, not a huge power guy but makes contact, gap strength

101) Boston Red Sox Brett Netzer, 2B, UNC-Charlotte Line drive hitter with good eye, second baseman at higher levels but chance to be a good hitter.

102) Cleveland Indians Johnathan Rodriguez, OF, Toa Baja, Puerto Rico raw tools type with prototype right field abilities, will need to polish skills.

103) Washington Nationals Nick Raquet, LHP, William and Mary 93-95 fastball, hard breaking ball but struggles to throw strikes.

104) Texas Rangers Matt Whatley, C, Oral Roberts Run on college catchers continues, another strong glove, bat questioned but chance for a fair bat with some pop

105) Chicago Cubs Keegan Thompson, RHP, Auburn University Tommy John survivor, throws strikes


106) Minnesota Twins Charlie Barnes, LHP, Clemson University polished finesse lefty, should zip through A-ball

107) Cincinnati Reds Cash Case, SS, Mount Dora, Florida Very promising bat, may move to second or third

108) San Diego Padres Sam Keating, RHP, Fort Myers, Florida: Projectable high-ceiling right-hander, was mentioned as high as second round pre-draft

109) Tampa Bay Rays Drew Strotman, RHP, St. Mary’s (CA): Erratic command but good stuff

110) Atlanta Braves Troy Bacon, RHP, Santa Fe Community College

111) Oakland Athletics Will Toffey, 3B, Vanderbilt Very polished college hitter, good glove, hints of Matt Carpenter?

112) Arizona Diamondbacks Harrison Francis, RHP, Tallahassee, FL

113) Philadelphia Phillies Jake Scheiner, 3B, University of Houston

114) Milwaukee Brewers Brendan Murphy, LHP, Mundelein, Illinois Highly projectable

115) Los Angeles Angels John Swanda, RHP, Des Moines, Iowa Promising cold weather arm will need time, but high ceiling

116) Colorado Rockies Pearson McMahan, RHP, St. John’s River State College

117) Chicago White Sox Lincoln Henzman, RHP, University of Louisville Advanced college arm could move fast in bullpen

118) Pittsburgh Pirates Jason Delay, C, Vanderbilt University Senior with very good glove, useful budget pick.

119) Miami Marlins Colton Hock, RHP, Stanford University Successful college reliever but has a chance to start in pro ball

120) Kansas City Royals Michael Gigliotti, OF, Lipscomb Mentioned as a first round pick six months ago, spotty spring but could be very nice here.

121) Houston Astros Peter Solomon, RHP, University of Notre Dame Mentioned as second round pick four months ago, another possible bargain here despite spotty spring.

122) New York Yankees Canaan Smith, OF, Texas HS

123) Seattle Mariners Seth Elledge, RHP, Dallas Baptist University

124) St. Louis Cardinals Kramer Robertson, SS, Louisiana State Line drive hitter with excellent track record, lacks power

125) Detroit Tigers Gio Arriera, RHP, Palm Beach State College

126) San Francisco Giants Garrett Cave, RHP, University of Tampa Full Report

127) New York Mets Tony Dibrell, RHP, Kennesaw State University

128) Baltimore Orioles Jack Conlon, RHP, Sugerland, Texas

129) Toronto Blue Jays Kevin Smith, SS, University of Maryland

130) Los Angeles Dodgers James Marinan, RHP, Boynton Beach, Florida Potential second rounder good value here.

131) Boston Red Sox Jake Thompson, RHP, Oregon State University Full Report

132) Cleveland Indians Ernie Clement, INF, University of Virginia

133) Washington Nationals Cole Freeman, 2B, Louisiana State Another polished senior

134) Texas Rangers Ryan Dease, RHP, TNXL Academy

135) Chicago Cubs Erich Uelman, RHP, Cal Poly


136) Twins: Andrew Bechtold, 3B, Chipola JC
137) Reds: Mac Sceroler, RHP, Southeastern Louisiana University
138) Padres: Jonny Homza, 3B, Anchorage, Alaska
139) Rays: Josh Fleming, LHP, Webster University
140) Braves: Bruce Zimmerman, LHP, Mount Olive University
141) Athletics: Santi Sanchez, C, Puerto Rico
142) Diamondbacks: Buddy Kennedy, 3B, New Jersey
143) Phillies: Ethan Lindow, LHP, Locust Grove, Georgia
144) Brewers: Nick Egnatuk, 3B, Basking Ridge, New Jersey
145) Angels: Joseph Booker, RHP, Brewton, Alabama
146) Rockies: Nick Kennedy, LHP, University of Texas
147) White Sox: Tyler Johnson, RHP, University of South Carolina
148) Pirates: Deon Stafford, C, St. Joseph’s University
149) Marlins: Ryan Lillie, RHP, UC-Riverside
150) Royals: Charlie Neuweiler, RHP, New York HS
151) Astros: Nathan Perry, C, Virginia HS
152) Yankees: Glenn Otto, RHP, Rice University
153) Mariners: David Banuelos, C, Long Beach State
154) Cardinals: Zach Kirtley, 2B, St. Mary’s
155) Tigers: Sam McMillan, C, Florida HS
156) Giants: Jason Bahr, RHP, University of Central Florida
157) Mets: Matt Winaker, OF, Stanford
158) Orioles: Lamar Sparks, OF, Texas HS
159) Blue Jays: Cullen Large, 2B, William and Mary
160) Dodgers: Riley Otteson, RHP, University of Utah
161) Red Sox: Alex Scherff, RHP, Texas HS
162) Indians: Austen Wade, OF, TCU
163) Nationals: Brigham Hill, RHP, Texas A&M
164) Rangers: Jake Latz, LHP, Kent State
165) Cubs: Nelson Velasquez, OF, Florida HS

Rounds Six through Ten will be in their own thread.