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What would you do with Jurickson Profar?

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A community discussion question: Fix Jurickson Profar

MLB: Cleveland Indians at Texas Rangers Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Texas Rangers sent Jurickson Profar down to Triple-A this week, a completely understandable move given his slow start: .135/.289/.135 in 37 at-bats. If you’re looking for a positive there are eight walks on the list, but the complete lack of power was crippling to his chances.

Profar is still only 24 years old, but he just hasn’t looked the same since the injuries that cost him almost two years of development time.

So let’s talk about him. For purposes of this discussion, let’s say that the Jedi Council has assigned you to fix Profar’s career. You are in complete control of Profar’s transaction destiny. You can keep him with the Rangers, or you can send him to any other team you wish.

A) Where do you send him? What organization?
B) What do you do with him? Send him to Triple-A? Put him in the Show?
C) What position do you play him at?
D) What type of player do you think he can still become? Is utility infielder the best you can hope for now?