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New York Yankees Gleyber Torres looks comfortable in return from DL

What a return for Gleyber Torres from the DL. After going 0-for-3 in his first game back, here's what he did to the baseball in his encore.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

(Note: I know we here at Minor League Ball don't usually do quick, "bloggy"-type, WATCH THIS posts, but Torres is a top prospect in baseball and this was a good one.)

The New York Yankees Gleyber Torres recently went on the DL with a swollen rotator cuff. It was seen to be a quick stint, needing just the seven days to get healthy.

And healthy he is.

Torres, of course, was already a top prospect in baseball when he came to the Yankees in the Aroldis Chapman deal. His MVP performance in the Arizona Fall League, as well as a sensational MLB spring training debut in Tampa erased any doubt about what the 20-year-old could do offensively.

The shortstop -- who seemingly is sticking there with reports that the second base experiment is over -- returned from the DL Friday night to an 0-for-3 performance. He put that behind him Saturday, going 3-for-4, falling a triple short of the cycle.

He also hit his first home run of the season. At 1:27 in the video below, sit back and behold the beauty of Gleyber:

No words needed. But Thunder beat writer Matt Kardos sums it up well:

If you don't believe Kardos, maybe you'll believe Jake Taylor: