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Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe I am just in an indecisive mood today, but there are a pair of grading dilemmas on my mind in regards to the Tampa Bay Rays Top 20 prospects list.

Right now, I have both Jake Bauers and Casey Gillespie both right on the edge between Grade B and B+. I'm leaning B+ for both, but which way should they rank in regards to each other? Bauers is younger and more athletic, but Gillespie has more present power and will be ready sooner.

Then there's right-handed pitchers Jacob Faria, Jaime Schultz, and Chih-Wei Hu, all bunched up in the Grade B/B- range.

Hash this out guys. I have a ranking set up right now but keep going back and forth and would be interested in your thoughts, not that I'll necessarily agree with them.