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Morning discussion: Is Andrew Benintendi a better prospect than Yoan Moncada?

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A discussion question for you on a fine Tuesday morning:

Is it possible that Boston Red Sox outfielder Andrew Benintendi is actually a better prospect than organization-mate Yoan Moncada?

On the end of season Top 100 list, I had Moncada at Number One and Benintendi at Number Six. However, I have since revised Benintendi's rating to a Grade A, which would push him to at least number five, and at this point I like him better than Dansby Swanson, which would push Benintendi to number two.

I suspect Moncada will be the top-ranked prospect on most lists entering 2017, but is it possible that Benintendi may deserve to be number one instead? They are 10 months apart in age (advantage Moncada), but Benintendi's skills are more developed right now and they are not far apart on tools at all.

MLB Pipeline, for example, rates Moncada's tools at Hit 60, Power 55, Run 65, Arm 60, Field 50, overall 65. They rate Benintendi at Hit 60, Power 55, Run 60, Arm 50, Field 60, overall 65. Those ratings reflect industry consensus quite well, with Moncada showing a notch above Benintendi with arm strength and speed but not being as polished on defense.

Personally I'd give Moncada a 55 Hit right now but I can see him getting to 60 eventually. Benintendi looks like a 60 at present to me.

What do you guys think? Can you make a case for Benintendi to rank number one? Is Moncada's ceiling that much higher? Does Benintendi provide an extra margin of safety with his own very high ceiling?

Hash this out.