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Justin Nicolino
Justin Nicolino
Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

I am now working on the Los Angeles Angels Top 20 prospects list. The next team in line is the Miami Marlins, to be followed by the Tampa Bay Rays, St. Louis Cardinals, Oakland Athletics, and the Los Angeles Dodgers to finish.

Use this thread to discuss the Miami Marlins organization. Possible points for discussion include, but are certainly not limited to,

****What do you see in the future for Marcell Ozuna and Christian Yelich? How much will they improve?

****What is your view of Jared Cosart?

****How would you handle 2014 first rounder Tyler Kolek? How fast would you be willing to push him?

****There has been considerable prospect turnover here over the winter. Do you think they let the right prospects go? Which of the new acquisitions are you most excited about?

****How much faith do you have in J.T. Realmuto?

****Concerns about Justin Nicolino's low strikeout rate?

****As always, feel free to discuss sleeper prospects, under-rated guys, and if you like over-rated ones.