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Origins of the 2014 All-Stars: National League pitchers

Adam Wainwright
Adam Wainwright
Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

I present these breakdowns each year. The National League squad is fairly evenly split between international, college, and North American high school talent. Three first-round high school pitchers make the list, the youngest being drafted in 2007.

National League Pitchers
Henderson Alvarez: Free agent, Blue Jays, 2006, Venezuela
Madison Bumgarner:
First round, Giants, 2007, North Carolina HS
Aroldis Chapman:
Free agent, Reds, 2010, Cuba

Tyler Clippard
: Ninth round, Yankees, 2003, Florida HS
Johnny Cueto:
Free agent, Reds, 2004, Dominican Republic
Zack Greinke: First round, Royals, 2002, Florida HS

Tim Hudson
Sixth round, Athletics, 1997, Auburn University
Clayton Kershaw:
First round, Dodgers, 2006, Texas HS
Craig Kimbrel:
Third round, Braves, 2008, Wallace State Community College

Pat Neshek
Sixth round, Twins, 2002, Butler University
Francisco Rodriguez: Free agent, Angels, 1998, Venezuela
Tyson Ross: Second round, Athletics, 2008, University of California

Jeff Samardzija
Fifth round, Cubs, 2006, University of Notre Dame
Alfredo Simon: Free agent, Phillies, 1999, Dominican Republic
Huston Street: Supplemental first round, Athletics, 2004, University of Texas

Julio Teheran
Free agent, Braves, 2007, Colombia
Adam Wainwright:
First round, Braves, 2000, Georgia HS
Tony Watson: Ninth round, Pirates, 2007, University of Nebraska
Jordan Zimmermann
Second round, Nationals, 2007, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

International free agents: 6
High schools: 5
Four-year colleges: 7
Two-year colleges: 1

First round picks: 4
Supplemental picks: 1
Second round picks: 2
Third through 10th round: 5
Later than 10th round: 0