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The Historical Baseball Prospect Book?

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I was a Grade A prospect
I was a Grade A prospect
Rob Carr

I have to ask you guys an important question.

Let's say that there was a book that would examine the Top 100 players currently in Major League Baseball, or maybe the Top 200 depending on how things worked out. Let's say this book would be somewhere between 200 and 300 pages long; that's a guess, it would be at least 200 I think but I don't know exactly.

Let's say the book would contain an examination of how each of the current top players was viewed as a prospect, going all the way back to when they were drafted.

Let's say it would include all of the scouting reports I ever wrote about the player in the past editions of the Baseball Prospect Book. Let's say it would include a summary of where the grades went right and why, and where they went wrong and why. In a way it would be like a bunch of Prospect Retrospectives in book format.

Let's say this book was .pdf only. No hard copy, just electronic. Let's say it would come out in early August (target date Monday August 4th, that's right, two to three weeks from now).

Let's say that this .pdf product cost $9.95.

Would you buy it?

I need firm answers here, YES I WILL BUY IT  or NO.

If enough people give me a firm yes, this will happen. It is up to you guys. I would like to do it, but it has to be worth the effort financially and that means I would need a good number of pre-orders and enough firm YES answers to proceed. Answer the poll question and BE HONEST.