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Trevor Bauer
Trevor Bauer
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

I am now working on the Philadelphia Phillies prospect list. The next team in line is the Cleveland Indians, to be followed by the Colorado Rockies, Seattle Mariners, and Washington Nationals to complete the process.

Use this thread to discuss the Cleveland Indians farm system. Some possible points for discussion include, but are not limited to:

***Danny Salazar was excellent last year, moving rapidly from interesting sleeper prospect to one of the best young pitchers in baseball. Do you see any Salazars on the horizon this year?

***Your expectations for Trevor Bauer? Can he regain his lost prospect luster? He looked excellent in his first start for Triple-A Columbus this week. If he continues to perform well, how quickly would you promote him if you were running the Indians?

***What would you be looking for in the 2014 draft? Assume that someone puts a gun to your head and says that you can't say "best player available."

***Are you happy with recent returns on Latin American investments?

***As always, feel free to discuss sleepers and anything else Cleveland related.