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Opening the PCL record book

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The Omaha Storm Chasers scored 20 runs on 29 hits on April 9 against the Memphis Redbirds, prompting a check of the PCL record book for other offensive explosions.

Lee Warren

The Omaha Storm Chasers set new team park records for hits (29) and runs (20) at Werner Park last Wednesday in a 20-3 drubbing of the Memphis Redbirds (that included an 8-run first inning).

The Chasers were 29-for-51 and they hit four home runs.

All of this made me wonder how the performance compared to some of the other offensive explosions in Pacific Coast League history. So I grabbed my trusty PCL media guide and here's what I found:

  • Most runs in one game by one club = 35 by Vernon vs. Salt Lake City on May 11, 1923.

Vernon Tigers outfielder Pete Schneider hit five home runs that day and drove in 14 runs a 35-11 win. In his final at-bat, he lined a double off the center field wall, barely missing his sixth home run of the day.

  • Most runs in one inning by one club = 16 by Salt Lake City vs. Vernon on August 18, 1923.
  • Most hits in one game by one club = 37 by San Francisco vs. Salt Lake on May 24, 1924.
  • Most home runs in one game by one club = 10 by Phoenix vs. Sacramento on July 6, 1974 (in a seven-inning game).

Comparing the old PCL to the modern version probably isn't fair, but any reason to dig into a baseball media guide is a good one.