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2013 Astros Shadow Draft Update

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My 2013 Astros Shadow Draft was a talent grab, and I did well. I aimed at targets late in the draft that I thought would sign and many did.

Clint Frazier may have been a stretch at #1 overall but that was my choice for a few reasons. His power is immense and I just like the guy. It's hard not to cheer for him. He would also sign for under slot and I could use that extra money to add talent.

Justin Williams is a player that I expect very little out of, especially quickly. That may sound unusual, but he is a lotto ticket for me. He has 70 power and also mechanical issues he may or may not be able to figure out. Either way, he is worth the pick and patience. Next spring there are two very good hitters that I have seen. Jacob Gatewood and Greg Deichmann. Gatewood is just one month younger than Williams and Deichmann is three months older. That means Williams basically gets a free year in pro ball. He should be a 2014 pick due to his age, so that has to be factored in. The competition he would have got in Louisiana doesn't compare to what he will get in pro ball, so it should accelerate his development.

Denney has the tools of a 1st rounder but was inconsistent. The same can be said for my next five picks. Covey flashes great stuff out of the pen but in inconsistent as a starter. Wahl did very well in 2011,'12 but not as well this year and it seems like many wrote him off as a reliever. I see him as a better version of Justin Grimm.

Casey Shane did not keep up his conditioning in 2012 and into 2013 and regressed. I would think with pro conditioning, he will be a good pick. Driver seemed headed to UCLA but signed for much less than I expected and the Indians could have a steal in him. He could be a good #3/4 starter in the majors if he works out.

This may sound preposterous but I don't care. I think Terry McClure is a slightly lesser version of Byron Buxton. His speed is similar. His arm is a little less and he doesn't quite have the power or hit tools Buxton has, but they aren't dissimilar. He is also young for pro ball. Watch this guy. He will be talked about as a big time prospect soon.

Biondi is a catalyst. He can hit, work a walk and take good at bats and run like the wind. He has 70 speed and could be 80 if I felt generous. He also has a very good glove in center field.

Malik Collymore was better every time I saw him and could be a big leaguer in the 10th round and that's a win.

I saw Brentz hit 97. He's an atheltic lefty with a plus breaking ball and shows a curve. He is a first round talent in the 11th round. I'm ecstatic about this signing.

Nick Buckner is a toolsy OF that will take time but is worth the wait. His hit tool concerns me but he is a good athlete.

Elvin Soto flashed impressive tools and Rowdy Tellez has as much power as anyone in this draft.

Overall my bonus pool was $11,698,800 and my total signing bonuses were $9,165,000.

Adding the 4.99% that I can exceed the pool by with the amount I did not use I have $3,117,570 left over. I expected Martarano to sign and still play football with baseball as a hobby. I thought Sheffield would sign for low seven figures as well and that would have rounded out my draft well but that did not happen. Ryan Boldt floated a $2.5 million dollar figure and I would have the money to sign him to that but since he did not sign, I will lose him as well.

RD Name Pos Team Bonus
1 Clint Frazier OF Cleveland Indians $3,500,000
2 Justin Williams OF Arizona Diamondbacks $1,050,000
3 Jonathan Denney C Boston Red Sox $875,000
4 Dylan Covey P Oakland Athletics $370,000
5 Bobby Wahl P Oakland Athletics $500,000
6 Casey Shane P Cleveland Indians $150,000
7 Dustin Driver P Oakland Athletics $500,000
8 Terry McClure OF Colorado Rockies $250,000
9 Patrick Biondi OF New York Mets $10,000
10 Malik Collymore SS St. Louis Cardinals $275,000
11 Jake Brentz P Toronto Blue Jays $700,000
12 Joey Martarano 3B Philadelphia Phillies Did Not Sign
13 Jordan Sheffield P Boston Red Sox Did Not Sign
14 Nick Buckner OF Pittsburgh Pirates $135,000
15 Geno Escalante C San Francisco Giants Signed
16 Elvin Soto C Arizona Diamondbacks $100,000
17 Joseph Monge OF Boston Red Sox Signed
18 Dan Child P Philadelphia Phillies $100,000
19 Blake Hennessey SS Los Angeles Dodgers Signed
20 Jackson Lamb P Texas Rangers Did Not Sign
21 Luke Lanphere P Texas Rangers $400,000
22 Ryan Boldt OF Boston Red Sox Did Not Sign
23 Tyler Alexander P Detroit Tigers Did Not Sign
24 Brett Morales P Cincinnati Reds Did Not Sign
25 Ricky Jacquez P New York Mets Signed
26 Cal Quantrill P New York Yankees Did Not Sign
27 Zack Collins C Cincinnati Reds Did Not Sign
28 Nick Zammarelli 3B Boston Red Sox Did Not Sign
29 Logan Shore P Minnesota Twins Did Not Sign
30 Rowdy Tellez 1B Toronto Blue Jays $850,000
31 A.J. Bogucki P Minnesota Twins Did Not Sign
32 Michael Shawaryn P Kansas City Royals Did Not Sign
33 Tavo Rodriguez P Chicago White Sox Did Not Sign
34 A.J. Kubala 1B Oakland Athletics Signed
35 A.J. Puk P Detroit Tigers Did Not Sign
36 Andy McGuire SS Colorado Rockies Did Not Sign
37 Alex Blackford P Los Angeles Angels Signed
38 Javier Salas P Minnesota Twins Did Not Sign
39 Ty Afenir SS New York Yankees Signed
40 Taylor Johnson 2B Los Angeles Angels Signed