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Minor League Ball Gameday, May 3

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I was struck down by the flu bug last night and haven't paid any attention to baseball news, so I don't have any idea what is going on. The symptoms are similar to what Jeri had a couple of weeks ago, although not as severe. Hopefully I won't be sick as long as she was. In any event, I'm on the disabled list.

It snowed about six hours here yesterday but we didn't get any accumulations in Lawrence. However, 20 miles away in Kansas City, some spots got up to three inches. I shouldn't complain. . .I know several people in Minnesota who have 10-15 inches of snow on the ground right now.

Matt Garrioch is ramping up the 2013 MLB Draft Coverage with his regional reports. I am working on an updated Mock Draft and we are both working on our individual draft boards. We will also be doing the annual Minor League Ball Community Mock Draft and I will get the organization process for that started as soon as I'm off the DL.

***Yesterday's Minor League Ball Gameday thread.

***Arizona Diamondbacks prospect Archie Bradley dominated in his Double-A debut for Mobile.

***Today's Minor League Baseball schedule.

***Evan Gattis, National League Rookie of the Month

***Justin Grimm was named American League Rookie of the Month. Grimm and Alex Torres of Tampa Bay will be the next two Prospects of the Day.