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2013 MLB Draft: Atlantic Region Report

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The Atlantic region isn't as strong this year as it will be next year but still has impact talent at the top and solid depth of potential big leaguers.

Moran is the cream of the crop here but the top 6 are all first round capable and if anyone in the top 10 went in the first round, I would not be surprised. They all have interesting tools or skills that make them worthy of that type of choice in one way or another.

1. Colin Moran, 3B, JR, 45/65: Elite hitter. Maybe a 1B but has "it." Full Profile

2. Nick Ciuffo, C, HS, 35/60: great all around player. Good defense, good hitter. Good leader. Full Profile

3. Hunter Harvey, P, HS, 35/55: big arm, good secondaries. Bryan's son.

4. Matthew McPhearson, OF, HS, 30/55: Game changing speed. I like the bat more all the time.

5. Andy McGuire, 3B, HS, 30/55: Everything you want in a prospect. Plus defender at 3b, might try him at ss.

6. Connor Jones, P, HS, 30/55: Really fast delivery bothers me. Like the stuff, though

7. Akeem Bostick, P, HS, 25/55: Sleeper. Great athlete. Up to 93, more in there.

8. Kent Emanuel, P, JR, 45/55: Polished lefty with average velocity, great pitchability. Full Profile

9. Aaron Blair, P, JR, 35/50: Good three pitch mix, 90-92 fastball up to 94

10. Chad Pinder, 3B, JR, 40/50: great defender, good bat. Not a profile 3B, may work at SS.

11. Weston Wilson, SS, HS, 30/50: Leveraged swing. Good power potential. Good athlete

12. Kevin Trader, P, HS, 30/50: Short, up to 92, tight slider. Good gut feeling about this guy.

13. K.J. Woods, OF, HS, 25/55: big guy. Looks like a tight end out there. Keon Barnum type

14. Ryder Jones, 3B, HS, 25/55: Very good athlete. swing issues.

15. Austin Nicely, P, HS, 25/50: Smooth lefty arm. Low 90's fastball

16. Tyler Horan, OF, JR, 30/50: Power guy, 1b likely

17. Alex Haines, P, JR, 20/55: Up to 96 but one pitch guy

18. Jacob May, OF, JR, 40/45: Polished low upside cf

19. Ryan Cordell, OF, JR, 25/50: Raw athlete coming along well

20. Logan Koch, C, HS, 25/50: Probably college guy but could improve at S.C.

21. A.J. Bogucki, P, HS, 25/50: Good build, loose and easy up to 92. good slider

22. Cory Thompson, P, HS, 25/50: Athletic. Up to 94. More of a thrower than a pitcher right now. Good hitter as well.

23. Jack Roberts, P, HS, 25/50: Low 3/4 delivery. Up to 92

24. Shon Carson, OF, SO, 25/50: Running back build

25. Kevin Jordan, OF, JR, 20/50: Needs work in all areas of his game but has a lot of tools.

26. Alex Bostic, P, HS, 20/50: Athletic, up to 90

27. Bryce Harman, 1B, HS, 20/50: Huge kid. Big power

28. Thomas Rogers, P, HS, 20/50: Easy 89 MPH. Late round target

29. Erich Knab, P, J1, 20/50: up to 94 but secondaries lag behind.

30. Jae Roberts, 3B, HS, 20/50: Short and stocky. Whippy swing but good power potential. Good athlete, tools.

31. Zach Rice, P, HS, 25/45: Long arm action but can hit 89

32. Taylor Widener, OF, HS, 25/45: Good two way guy.

33. Alec Bettinger, P, HS, 25/45: Can hit 90. Small but athletic

34. Tyler Barnette, P, JR, 35/45: Command is an issue. secondary's are below average

35. Matt Roberts, C, JR, 35/45: Good d, some pop but not a good hitter

36. Eli White, SS, HS, 25/45: Could be a very good college player. If he moves to 3B, he should be plus defensively.

37. Forrest Koumas, P, JR, 35/40: Good mound presence. Upper 80's. Short and stocky. 78-84 slider works well

38. Tray Roberts, P, HS, 20/50: Athlete. Poor pitch recognition and swing needs work.

Name POS Pos. #2 Level Bats Throws Height Weight
Colin Moran 3B 1B JR Left Right 6'3" 180
Nick Ciuffo C 1B HS L R 6'1" 195
Hunter Harvey P HS R R 6'3" 175
Matthew McPhearson OF HS L L 5'11" 170
Andy McGuire 3B OF HS R R 6'1" 190
Connor Jones P OF HS R R 6'3" 185
Akeem Bostick P OF HS R R 6'4" 180
Kent Emanuel P JR Left Left 6'3" 177
Aaron Blair P JR Right Right 6'4" 205
Chad Pinder 3B 3B JR Right Right 6'2" 175
Weston Wilson SS HS R R 6'3" 190
Kevin Trader P MIF HS R R 5'10" 170
K.J. Woods OF 1B HS L R 6'3" 215
Ryder Jones 3B RHP HS L R 6'3" 185
Austin Nicely P 1B HS S L 6'1" 175
Tyler Horan OF 1B JR Left Right 6'1" 225
Alex Haines P JR Left Left 6'4" 215
Jacob May OF 2B JR Both Right 5'10" 175
Ryan Cordell OF P JR Right Right 6'3" 185
Logan Koch C HS Both R 6' 180
A.J. Bogucki P 3B HS R R 6'3" 195
Cory Thompson P HS R R 6'1" 185
Jack Roberts P 1B HS R R 6'4" 200
Shon Carson OF SO Both Right 5'11" 190
Kevin Jordan OF JR Left Right 6' 192
Alex Bostic P 1B HS Both L 6'3" 205
Bryce Harman 1B P HS L L 6'6" 205
Thomas Rogers P 1B HS L L 6' 180
Erich Knab P J1 Right Right 6'3" 190
Jae Roberts 3B RHP HS R R 5'11" 205
Zach Rice P 1B HS Right Left 6'3" 180
Taylor Widener OF 1B HS L R 6'2" 190
Alec Bettinger P HS Right Right 6' 165
Tyler Barnette P JR Right Right 6'3" 190
Matt Roberts C JR Right Right 6'1" 185
Eli White SS HS R R 6'2" 175
Forrest Koumas P JR Right Right 6' 200
Tray Roberts P RHP HS R R 5'11" 170

Name Birthday LG State College Commit
Colin Moran 10/1/92 College North Carolina North Carolina
Nick Ciuffo 3/7/95 HS South Carolina South Carolina
Hunter Harvey 12/9/94 HS North Carolina
Matthew McPhearson 4/18/95 HS Maryland Miami
Andy McGuire 12/2/94 HS Virginia Texas
Connor Jones 10/10/94 HS Virginia Virginia
Akeem Bostick 5/4/95 HS South Carolina Georgia Southern
Kent Emanuel 6/4/92 College North Carolina North Carolina
Aaron Blair 5/26/92 College West Virginia Marshall
Chad Pinder 3/29/92 College Virginia Virginia Tech
Weston Wilson 9/11/94 HS North Carolina Clemson
Kevin Trader 6/17/94 HS Maryland Chipola (Fla.) JC
K.J. Woods 7/9/95 HS South Carolina South Carolina
Ryder Jones 6/7/94 HS North Carolina Stanford
Austin Nicely 12/13/94 HS Virginia Virginia
Tyler Horan 12/2/90 College Virginia Virginia Tech
Alex Haines College Pennsylvania Seton Hill
Jacob May 1/23/92 College South Carolina Coastal Carolina
Ryan Cordell College Virginia Liberty
Logan Koch 5/26/94 HS North Carolina South Carolina
A.J. Bogucki 5/2/95 HS Pennsylvania North Carolina
Cory Thompson 9/23/94 HS South Carolina South Carolina
Jack Roberts 2/21/95 HS Virginia Virginia
Shon Carson 9/5/91 College South Carolina South Carolina (FB)
Kevin Jordan 11/14/91 College North Carolina Wake Forest
Alex Bostic 11/14/94 HS North Carolina Clemson
Bryce Harman 11/4/94 HS Virginia East Carolina
Thomas Rogers 6/4/95 HS Virginia
Erich Knab 11/26/93 College South Carolina Spartanburg Methodist
Jae Roberts 7/3/95 HS South Carolina South Carolina
Zach Rice 10/15/95 HS Virginia North Carolina
Taylor Widener 10/24/94 HS South Carolina South Carolina
Alec Bettinger 7/13/95 HS Virginia Virginia
Tyler Barnette 5/28/92 College North Carolina Charlotte
Matt Roberts 9/19/91 College North Carolina North Carolina
Eli White 6/26/94 HS South Carolina Clemson
Forrest Koumas 7/21/92 College South Carolina South Carolina
Tray Roberts 12/7/94 HS South Carolina Liberty