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Minor League Ball Gameday Discussion, March 22

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Trevor Bauer says he has some things to work on
Trevor Bauer says he has some things to work on
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Good morning prospect watchers. Here is today's discussion thread for minor league news and prospect buzz from spring training camps in Florida and Arizona.

Items of interest today;

***Bill James thinks ground ball pitchers are overrated. Is he right?

When looking at minor league pitching prospects, one thing I look closely for is the combination of high strikeout rates with lots of ground balls at the lower levels of the minors. Am I wrong about that? I've felt that this philosophy helped me pick out some successful sleepers in the past. I note the examples Bill mentions as ground ball failures were generally guys in the majors who didn't have great strikeout rates. It is food for thought though and something I need to study more.

***Trevor Bauer has been sent to Triple-A Columbus by the Indians. People really seem to enjoy hating this guy. There's an interesting quotation from Bauer: "I made a decision to make some changes that are going to help me long term. That's what I'm doing." That will be very interesting to track.

***Pittsburgh Pirates reliever Byran Morris has an extra option.

***DRaysBay has a look at potential breakout prospects in the Tampa system, discussing shortstop Jake Hager, third baseman Patrick Leonard, and right-handed pitcher Jesse Hahn. I completely endorse all three of those candidates.

***Matt Garrioch and I are plugging away at a cooperative Mock Draft. I hope to have that finished later today.

***Prospect Retro list: Jason Schmidt, Ken Griffey Jr., John Lackey, Edgar Martinez, and Vida Blue. The next one will be Lackey.

***Philosophical Conundrum of the Day: Who would win a "Most Doubted Top Prospect" Contest between Bauer and Wil Myers?