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Minor League Ball Schedule: The Path Ahead

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John C. Fremont
John C. Fremont
Painting by William Smith Jewett

Here's what's going to be happening here at Minor League Ball over the coming days:

****The painting is of John C. Fremont, the Great Pathfinder and one of the more interesting and enigmatic figures in 19th century American history.

****The Top 20 Prospects List for each organization has been updated to reflect winter trades and grades from the Baseball Prospect Book. The index for the list is here.

****My next major project is to work up a ranking of all the major league organizations. I hope to have that for you sometime next week. After that I am going to work on a prospect list to come out right before spring training.

****I am turning my research efforts to the 2013 draft and will be cooperating with Matt Garrioch to produce more draft profiles for you. I want to do more stuff with college baseball this year too. Stand by for more details on that.

****I am going to start up again with Prospect Retrospectives. Feel free to suggest topics.

****I have some somewhat silly off-topic discussion questions for you in the works.

****I am working on ideas for a site re-organization that will utilize the SBNation United platform to a greater extent as we enter 2013.

****I will be posting some excerpts and player comments from the book because, you know, I need to sell books. If you want to buy one, it will have comments and stats on 1210 players and is 572 pages long. Planned shipping date is February 2nd. You can pre-order the paper copy or electronic copy at Support small business!