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Budgeting for Latin American Prospects

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We are going to be seeing a lot more attention directed towards bonuses for young players signed out of Latin America.

Here is a theoretical question for you. If were a scouting director, and you had a budget of $2 million for Latin American free agents (I'm just making that number up), would you rather direct this money towards signing one big bonus guy, say $1.75 million to a high-profile player that everyone think will be a star, then using the remaining $275,000 to fill in roster gaps with cheaper guys, or would you rather spread the money out and get, say, 10 players at $200,000 each?

Don't worry about the difference between hitters and pitchers at this point; I will do a seperate post asking about that later. Also assume that all players are 16 years old. Prospects from Cuba and Mexico are excluded.