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2011 MLB Draft: Arizona Diamondbacks Draft Review

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It seems people prefer the way I did these last year. It will take more time, but so be it.

We'll start over with the Diamondbacks. This is a terrific draft if you like pitching.

Arizona Diamondbacks 2011 MLB Draft Review

1) Trevor Bauer, RHP, UCLA: Incredible talent and I think the Lincecum comparisons are justified.

1) Archie Bradley, RHP, Oklahoma HS: Hard to say that a guy picked #7 overall is a "steal," but he may very well be. Athletic, 95-100 MPH fastball, great curve.

1S) Andrew Chafin, LHP, Kent State: A healthy Chafin looks like a future number two starter to me. 90-95 MPH, great slider, improved changeup.

2) Anthony Meo, RHP, Coastal Carolina: Another very live arm, works at 92-95, good curveball. Might be a closer if his changeup doesn't improve.

3) Justin Bianco, OF, Pennsylvania HS: Cold-weather high school pick with average-to-slightly-above average physical tools. An overdraft but understandable given the money they'll need to sign Bauer, Bradley, and Chafin.

4) Evan Marshall, RHP, Kansas State University: Future middle man with low-90s fastball and impressive slider, good control.

5) Michael Perez, C, Puerto Rico HS: Raw talent with a strong throwing arm and some power potential.

6) Matt Price, RHP, South Carolina: College closer with low-90s fastball, decent slider, lots of high-level high-pressure experience. Middle reliever in the majors.

7) Ben Roberts, OF, Montana HS: Sort of Brandon Nimmo-Lite, cold-weather guy, lacks experience, good tools though not as good as Nimmo's and has less polish.

8) Jesse Darrah, RHP, Fresno Pacific: Excellent small-college pitcher with low-90s fastball, good changeup, OK curve, could be a nice sleeper.

9) John Leonard, SS, Pennsylvania HS: Another cold-weather prep, brother of Braves prospect Joe Leonard. Decent tools but raw, will need plenty of time. Might be better off going to North Carolina State.

10) Kyle Winkler, RHP, TCU: Could have gone late in the first round until hurting his arm in his last start. Impressive pitcher with excellent polish when healthy.

OTHERS OF NOTE: LHP John Pedrotty (13th round, Holy Cross), LHP Adam Choplick (17th round, Texas HS).

SUMMARY: Arizona just laid the foundation of an outstanding pitching staff, with two potential number one starters, a potential number two, a possible closer, and several other major league quality arms. Position players are less impressive, but that wasn't their focus this year. Excellent draft.