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2011 Community Mock Draft Review: NL East

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Part two of our review of the Community Mock Draft, the National League East.

National League East Mock Draft Review

Atlanta Braves
1-28) Dillon Howard, RHP, Arkansas HS
2) B.A. Vollmuth, SS, Southern Mississippi
3) Noe Ramirez, RHP, Cal State Fullerton
COMMENT: Howard seems like someone the Braves would be interested in. Vollmuth is a bit more speculative; he's got loads of power but still some questions about how that will translate to higher levels, though the upside is impressive even as a third baseman. Ramirez has one of the safest college arms in the draft with excellent pitchability. Seems a fair balance between upside and risk.

Florida Marlins
1-14) Daniel Norris, LHP, Tennessee HS
2) Jake Hager, SS, Nevada HS
3) Ben Roberts, OF, Montana HS
COMMENT: Although buzz is that the Marlins are more interested in college players this year, this draft does look like something the Marlins have done in the past. Norris is a strong pick at 14 in my opinion, and I'm a big fan of Hager. The raw Roberts might be an overdraft as someone who could be available in later rounds, but he's athletic and has plenty of upside.

New York Mets
1-13) George Springer, OF, Connecticut
1-S44) Levi Michael, SS, North Carolina
2) Matt Purke, LHP, TCU
3) Cesar Ogando, LHP, Caribbean College (Puerto Rico)
COMMENT: Springer's upside is huge, and I think Michael is a good value at 44 overall. Purke is the big wild card of course; if he's healthy he's a steal in the second round, though he also has big bonus demands. If the Mets are serious about putting more money in the draft, here would be the chance to show it. Ogando is a very interesting sleeper with a live arm, and the Mets have selected similar lefties in the past.

Philadelphia Phillies
1-S39) Trevor Story, SS, Texas HS
2) Cam Gallagher, C, Pennsylvania HS
2) Brandon Martin, SS, California HS
3) Jeff Ames, RHP, Lower Columbia JC
COMMENT: The Phillies love athletes and this looks like something they would do, picking up three prep tools guys at premium defensive positions, with Story being a particular bargain at 39th overall in my view. Gallagher has the home state connection, a nice touch. Ames is a live arm that will need development time but has plenty of upside.

Washington Nationals
1-6) Bubba Starling, OF, Kansas HS
1-23) Garvin Grayson, LHP, Vanderbilt
1-S34) Josh Osich, LHP, Oregon State
3) Jeff Soptic, RHP, Johnson County Community College
COMMENT: If the Royals pass on Starling, it seems likely the Nationals will pick him up at six. Can you imagine him and Harper in the same outfield, provided Starling develops as expected? Osich's power arm fits well at 34. The Nationals scouting director disappeared before the third round, so I used my Commissioner Super Powers and chose Soptic, who is a bit raw but hits 98-100 MPH. Grayson at 23 seems like a big overdraft, but signing Starling is going to be expensive, and stranger things have happened in the first round when a team wants someone who will sign for slot or a little below.