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Hello Minor League Ball!

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Hello MinorLeagueBall! My name is Marisa Ingemi, I'm sure you have seen me comment here often. I am the newest writer here at, mostly here to write about the Boston Red Sox minor league system. I will also cover the Lowell Spinners for

I'm sure some of you who know about my lacrosse site here on SBN are wondering what I'm doing with Minor League Baseball, but baseball is my favorite sport and always will be. I have Spinners credentials this season to cover them daily.

I am 14 years old and starting my sports writing career and with this now being the fourth site I write on. Other than the two mentioned above I write for and as a Bruins writer. My goal is to someday be a mainstream sports writer and radio host. I host two blogtalkradio shows, the Beantown Breakdown and Lax Live Radio, where I have gotton several lacrosse super stars on the show.

I am from Boston and will attend many Red Sox games this season, including games in Pittsburgh, Minnesota, Chicago and Baltimore. I hope to bring the best Red Sox Minor League news to everyone!