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Guess the Prospect!

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First person to Guess the Prospect! gets to pick the next subject for a Career Profile over the coming weekend.

I am a pitcher, drafted between the 20th and 40th rounds between 1995 and 1999. I pitched well in rookie ball, then had a very good season in Low-A in my second year, with a very good K/BB ratio although my strikeout rate was just average for the context. I pitched a lot of innings that year for a pitcher my age, enough that it would draw criticism nowadays.

I began the next season in High-A, was traded to another organization, then struggled after being promoted to Double-A a few weeks after the trade. The season after that, I had a really bad year in Double-A, still showing decent control, but giving up a ton of hits and home runs.

However, the next year I got off to a good start in Double-A, kept pitching well in Triple-A, then made between 15 and 20 major league starts in my rookie year and wasn't terrible. I have been in major league rotations ever since, usually with average to slightly below-average numbers, having occasional injury problems, but usually holding my job and occasionally having a good year.

Who am I?