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Update and Early Impressions of Miami Marlins System

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I am working on the Miami Marlins list and should have it done sometime this weekend. This is a thin system, but it is not totally devoid of talent and there are a few interesting sleeper types.

Of the best players, I currently have Christian Yelich as a Grade B+. I thought about an A- but he's got some platoon issues to work through first, although I am impressed with him overall. I really like Matt Dominguez's glove, which is solid statistically and looks terrific in person, but I have serious doubts about his bat. He looks like a B- to me since, while his hitting performance has been stagnant, he's still young enough to become adequate.

On the pitching side, It looks like they have some relief arms who can help, but are they are short of impact starting pitching, with 2011 first-round pick Jose Fernandez being the only guy who stands out as someone to build around. And he has barely pitched yet.